8 Bathroom Trends for 2018

8 Bathroom Trends for 2018

More than ever the bathroom is seen as a personal sanctuary, an important retreat for restoration rather than one of simple utility. With that in mind, here are 8 bathroom trends that are worthy of putting on your “must have” list!

1. Freestanding Tub – with back-to-the wall option, a freestanding tub can fit most bathrooms for luxury you will endlessly appreciate. Can be fitted with an over-the-tub shower.

2. More Storage – bathroom storage can be both beautiful and practical, saving you from hectic mornings and stressful nights readying the children and yourself for work and sleep. Why not turn one of the walls into a floor to ceiling shelving area or install a built-in closet with organiser if you prefer closed storage.

3. Multipanel Board – save yourself the hassle of maintaining and scrubbing tiles for an easy solution. Multipanel Board Panels are fitted behind your shower or bath for a seamless look.

4. Backlit or Illuminated LED Mirrors – for a soft eye-saving glow that saves you having to put the lights full on during your morning routine or evening wind down. Many also feature a demister and shaver plug-in.

5. Sound System – the strong emergence of Spotify and personal playlists has heightened the demand for music anywhere. Excellent sound and unobtrusive installation make this an easy choice.

6. Bathroom TV – now available up to 55” inches. Netflix & Chill while soaking away the day. High Definition, waterproof and will not steam up. Embeddable or wall mountable with an ultra thin finish.

7. Underfloor Heating Systems – energy efficient and temperature controlled for warmth underfoot. A thermostat ensures you are not paying more for heat than necessary. Contact us to discuss further.

8. Neutral Tones with Organic Undertones – we’ve not yet strayed to far from the neutral colour palette, but have added in organic texture such as wood or stone effect tiles for depth and interest. Bring in further textures with towels and accessories.


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