Bathroom Packages

Sometimes choosing a bathroom can be tricky. There is so much to consider whether this be plumbing configurations, layouts, styles and water systems. It can all become a bit stressful. We have put together some complete Bathroom Suite packages, designed to be suitable for most Bathroom configurations in the UK and Ireland. These comprise of 4 piece bathroom sets, taps, a shower or bath package and any other relevant fixtures we feel may be required.

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Cloakroom Bundle1

£ 195.00

Cloakroom Bundle 2

£ 495.00

Straight Bath Bathroom Package

£ 535.00 / Package inc VAT & Delivery

Traditional Freestanding Bath Package Bathroom Package

£ 750.00 / Package inc VAT & Delivery

Small Bathroom Package

£ 995.00 / Package inc VAT & Delivery

Shower Bathroom Package 1

£ 1,305.70 / Package inc VAT & Delivery