INOUT tiles are used to seamlessly move from a room indoors to a patio or area outside to create a feeling of a larger living space. They can be smooth in a room inside and when they become wet they have anti-slip qualities so that they are safe and still look great. These tiles can come in a variety of sizes ranging from 60×30 to 100×100 so there is a size to suit every space. These tiles are porcelain so they are more durable than the slate, travertine and marble tiles that are often used outside. Porcelain suits the natural British climate better than these natural materials so are less likely to crack due to the cold conditions the tiles will be subjected to. Also the porcelain tiles are fade and scratch resistant keeping your tiles looking fantastic for much longer. The benefit of these tiles is that you can match the tiles IN and OUT instead of trying to find tiles similar. These also give the illusion of the room being much larger than it actually is giving a feeling of space.

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