JustPave Vitrified Pavers

Introducing the JustPave Collection of 20mm Vitrified Pavers.

Incredibly hard-wearing, anti-slip, weather, stain and scratch resistant; they are specifically designed for use on outdoor patios, garden paths and driveways to create seamless transitions between the home and outside spaces. JustPave porcelain pavers can be laid dry on sand, grass or gravel. Alternatively, they can be installed on concrete using traditional tiling methods.

Important features & benefits of include:

• Easy to Lay, Clean & Maintain – Wash with clean water

• Highly Durable – Scratch and abrasion resistant

• Slip Resistant R10 and B Rated Finish – Providing assured grip underfoot

• Resistant to Frost and Thermal Shock – Preventing surface splintering, crazing or fractures

• Resistant to Salt – Preventing efflorescence growth

• Stain/Oil Resistant – Perfect for BBQ areas

• Non-porous – Inhibits moss and algae growth (unlike traditional concrete pavers)

• No Sealing – The dense nature of vitrified pavers removes the need to seal surfaces

• Resistant to Chemicals, Acids and Abrasive Cleaning Products – Ensures long term integrity of surfaces

• UV Resistant – No fading of colour over time

• High Newton Strength – Perfect for heavy duty/commercial traffic

• Reusable – Depending on fitting system utilised

Slip Resistant Our vitrified pavers have excellent slip-resistance qualities for assured support underfoot. Each range has been scientifically tested for both shod foot and bare foot conditions (DIN51130 & DIN51097) and found to offer excellent slip resistance so you can be confident you are getting the best surfaces for your patio, hot tub/pools surround and BBQ areas.

Stain Resistant – the hard surface of our vitrified pavers is virtually non-porous (less than 0.05%) all spillages sit on the surface and do not soak in. During stain resistant testing they received the highest rating of 5. This means that, in most cases, all spillages can be washed and removed with clean, warm water

Low Maintenance – very low water absorption rate (less than 0.05%) significantly reduces opportunities for moss and algae growth and provides you with longer lasting, low maintenance, attractive outside spaces.
No Sealing Required – our vitrified pavers are fired in a kiln (above 1200°C) until they reach a stage of non-porous vitrification and complete water-proofing. The surface will not absorb materials and sealing is not required.

Abrasion & Deep Scratch Resistant – In internationally used deep abrasion testing methods (EN ISO 10545-6) JustPave performed exceptionally well. It has a compact, hard, non-porous body that has also been tested for its resistance to wear caused by heavy foot traffic and rubber wheeled vehicles (EN ISO 10545-7). Each vitrified paver range is found to have the highest rating (PEI V) and suitable for heavy traffic areas.

Strong, Robust Material – Our vitrified pavers are dense, strong materials designed to withstand heavy loads and continuous use without compromising the surface or finish. They are ideal for making your garden an extension of your home by creating a decorative extra room for entertaining and socialising.

Frost Proof & Salt Resistant – Vitrified pavers are highly frost resistant due to their strong dense nature and low water absorbency characteristics. They are the perfect alternative to porous materials, such as concrete pavers, which absorb water and salts that can cause efflorescence and may damage both the structure and surfaces by flaking, splintering and cracking.

Fade Resistant – The JustPave Collection is UV resistant to fading in all weathers and strong sunlight conditions. The manufacturing process of firing the pavers at 1200°Celcius effectively locks in the finished surfaces to produce a product with exceptional durability and reduces the potential for fading over time.

Fire Resistant – Our vitrified pavers are Classified A1 of Reaction to Fire (BS EN13501-1). They are completely resistant to fire and the surface spread of flame. They will not contribute to any phase of a fire including a full developed one.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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