2020 Vision – Tile & Bathroom Trends for the Coming Year

The Big Tile & Bathroom Trends for 2020

As yet another year nears an end, it is always important in business to reflect on where your industry is going. The Tile and Bathroom industry is fascinating in that trends are always changing – everyone wants that something different to wow their friends, to Instagram, or even just to please their other half (if possible). What also has to be said is that even though opinions are always changing, like everything, the trends come and go in a cycle. We see things from the past come back into style, and before you can even adapt, the have changed again. Anyway, from what we can see in our Ballymena showroom, we have decided to put together a list of styles we expect to be big in 2020. 

1. Everything Grey

2. Wetrooms

3. Slate Effect Shower Trays

4. Comfort Height Toilets

5. Inside Out Tiles

6. Black Tapware

7. Pattern Tiles

8. Marble Effect Tiles

9. Free Standing Baths


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