Slip Resistant Bathroom

The majority of slips and falls in the home happen in the bathroom. Many of these happen whilst getting in or out of the tub.

Some strategies to help prevent slips and falls include:

Walk In Shower with slip resistant tile floors. A wet room style shower will not have a partition you have to step over, and is safer still.

Shower Chair A shower chair provides stability for difficulty balancing and a rest place for those who have difficulty standing for long periods. A shower chair should have rubber tips on the legs to prevent sliding. When used with a hand-held shower head, you can remain seated while bathing.

Slip Resistant Grab Bars towel bars are not a safe or suitable option, they are not designed to bear weight. Install grab bars in easy-to-reach places that will naturally support entering and leaving the tub or shower area.

Tile Ratings many floor tiles are tested for the coefficient of friction or antislip rating. This rating comes in the form of an ‘R’ value. The ‘R’ stands for ‘ramp test’. This ‘R’ value ranges from R9, which has a small degree of slip resistance, right up to R13, which is the highest rated slip resistance. Read more

Rating Description Uses
R9 Low Friction Mainly smooth, glazed tiles that are suited for dry internal domestic floors such as kitchens, dining areas, and hallways.
R10 Medium Friction Mainly glazed tiles suited for internal domestic floors that are sometimes wet, e.g. bathrooms.
R11 Increased Friction Mostly unglazed tiles suited for external areas including patios and walkways, dressing rooms, public toilets.
R12/13 High to Very High Friction Suitable for public areas and commercial applications.

Ensure adequate lighting and a non-slip bath mat. Regular maintenance in the way of cleaning floors and wall tiles to eliminate soap residue and reducing clutter help, too.

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