5 tips for a light and bright bathroom

5 tips for a light and bright bathroom

If you have a bathroom with very few windows, it can sometimes feel dark and enclosed. Considering that the bathroom is a space in which we get ready for the day by showering, applying makeup or shaving, it is important that it is as light and bright as possible. Read on for a few tips on how to get the most out of the natural light in your bathroom.

1. Neutral Palette

The best way to brighten up a dark bathroom is to use a neutral colour palette, such as whites, creams and pastels. White reflects light, so choose a white bathroom suite to maximise the natural light. Of course you can add other darker colours and accents, just make sure that the main colour is bright to ensure a light and airy space.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors also reflect natural light, making your bathroom feeling brighter. Our mirrors come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles so there is bound to be one that is perfect for your room. Choose a mirror cabinet like the Knox for extra storage or an LED mirror to add even more light. Some LED mirrors like the Darcy have the added advantage of having both warm and cool settings, enabling you to change the ambience in an instant.   

3. Tiles

When it comes to picking tiles, choose gloss over matt finishes, to reflect the light. Our Palmira Blanco Gloss tiles have a lovely reflective surface which would brighten up any bathroom. They can also be used on both the floor and walls, creating a seamless look. Another good option is to use mosaic tiles, as these often contain mirrored or reflective pieces. Our Orbit Silver mosaics have a shimmery surface, which would allow both natural and artificial light to bounce off them. Mosaics can also add colour and interest to an otherwise simple design scheme.  

4. Glass and Brass

A dark bathroom does not need any additional walls or obstructions blocking the natural light, so stay away from dark shower enclosures or shower curtains. Instead, opt for a stylish transparent screen like our Studio Wet Room Panel, which will allow the natural light to flow around your room and create the illusion of space. In terms of accessories, choose chrome or brushed brass for their light-reflecting properties.

5. Declutter

Clutter will make a dark or small space seem even more enclosed, so invest in some clever storage solutions to hide away your everyday items. Again, neutral and pastel colours will make your bathroom look brighter so something like the Fjord Gloss White 60cm Wall Hung Vanity Unit could be a great option. If you are interested in finding out more about storage in your bathroom you can read our recent blog post on this topic here. 

Final Take!

So even if you have a dark or windowless bathroom, there are still some steps that you can take to make your space feel lighter and more airy. If you need any more advice or inspiration contact us to make a showroom appointment, or have a look at our products online. 

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