Fusion Beige 15×60 Wood Effect Tiles

Fusion Beige 15×60 Wood Effect Tiles


Fusion Beige 15×60 Wood Effect Tiles

Fusion Beige is a light brown/beige tile suitable for any room. It is a rectangular shape and is quite a small tile. There are several benefits to using smaller tiles as supposed to large format tiles. Firstly, there is considerably less waste when using small tiles which can save you some money. They are also a lot easier to install than big tiles. Therefore there is less likely to be a mistake when installing. They can also give a room a consistent and minimalist look. If you want to see some examples of small tiles being used on floors click here.

Fusion Beige

Fusion combines the character of wood with the technical quality of the porcelain stoneware. The deep shades are enhanced by the extensive chromatic variation in an alternation of natural light and dark tones. Innovative style, at the same time cozy and traditional to customize any setting in a creative and charming way. They are available in five different colours. These are white, grey, fog, taupe and beige.  Tiles are Mono Calibre Rectified for a uniform fit even across various sizes and with thinner grout lines. These tiles can also be used to create a herringbone pattern if you prefer.

You can find some alternative wood effect tiles here.


If you are unsure of what size tiles to use or how to make the most of your space, check out our blogs for some help: https://justtilesni.co.uk/trends/

Tiles may look slightly different on various computer screen resolutions. Please allow a minimum of 10% extra for wastage. Some projects require more wastage due to larger tiles or depending on how tiles are laid out. Variation in shade and size between the batches are due to the manufacturing process and not considered a defect. It is advisable to order enough tiles as the same batch may not be available at a later date. To avoid potential problems, call when you order to get an accurate lead time.

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Weight 0.0222 kg
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Follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance and cleaning.

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    On submission of this form you will be redirected to PayPal for payment of £4.95. This is to cover the postage of the Sample. Note that we won't receive a notification unless payment is made. This will be refunded if you complete an order. Samples are typically 150mm x 150mm, and are to be used as a guide only.


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