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Krono Kronowall Cross Town Traffic 3D

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Cross Town Traffic

Cross Town Traffic is a paneling that is installed in your room to give it a 3D look. These panels are more cost effective than using real cladding whilst still creating the same effect. They are easy to install whilst having a long lifespan and low maintenance.  The following link provides some ideas for where you could use this floor :

Cross Town Traffic is suitable for anywhere in your home like bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, living rooms and studies. The lighter colour gives the impression of a larger room.

Kronowall 3D

Kronowall 3D is an innovative and cost-effective new product from Krono Original. A simple and highly effective way to transform the look of your interior walls, with a unique 3D effect surface. This Kronowall 3D wall paneling is available in five popular decor colours to suit many interior decor styles. Kronowall 3D paneling can be fitted in a number of ways, depending on the effect you would like to achieve with your walls. You can choose a uniform, staggered or random pattern to create unique walls for your rooms style. The 3D effect creates a tough and durable finish that is easy to clean, maintain and looks fantastic when completed. Available with matching decor accessories to ensure your new Kronowall is the finished article once installed.

The dimensions of the planks is 1296 x 132 x 12mm.

Prices for this laminate floor are per m² including VAT. Each packet contains 1.37m². There is a minimum order of 5.48m².

The installation instructions for this product are found here:


If you are debating between a wood effect floor and a laminate floor you should read some of our blogs to help decide which is best for you. You can also check out our blog to decide if vinyl flooring is the right for you or if you need something different:

There is no lead time on this product.

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