Acacia Herringbone 90 Lignum Strata 14 Multiply Premium 14mm Engineered Floor

Lignum Strata 14 Multiply Premium Acacia Herringbone 90 14mm Engineered Floor

Acacia Herringbone 90

Acacia Herringbone 90 is a  brown engineered floor. These engineered floors have better durability than wood and vinyl flooring. They are easy to install whilst having a long lifespan and low maintenance.  The following link provides some ideas for where you could use this floor :

Acacia Herringbone 90 is suitable for anywhere in your home like bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, living rooms and studies. Engineered floors do however come with a heftier price tag than it’s laminate and vinyl alternatives.

Lignum Strata 14 Multiply Premium

Lignum Strata 14 Multiply is made up of strata or layers of wood that are bonded together to create these lovely looking engineered floors. Strata feature a hardwood layer in a selection of species supported by either a cross battened softwood or plywood base board. This range has improved board dimensional stability. The engineered boards are also suitable for commercial or residential use. Its floating system makes it easy to install and perfect for DIYers.  Throughout the Lignum Strata range there are lacquer (matt & gloss) and oiled finishes. The whole range is also suitable for underfloor heating systems. For renovation projects, the reduced height of Strata Fourteen means that you can replace the existing floor without the need to trim doors or frames. This range comes in a herringbone style.

The dimensions of the planks is 450 x 90 x 14mm.

Prices for this laminate floor are per m² including VAT. Each packet contains 1.62m². There is a minimum order of 4.86m².

The specification for this product is:


If you are debating between a wood effect floor and a laminate floor you should read some of our blogs to help decide which is best for you. You can also check out our blog to decide if vinyl flooring is the right for you or if you need something different:

There is no lead time on this engineered floor.

Weight 0.0125 kg
Board Length

Board Width

Board Depth

Underfloor Heating

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