Pamesa Classic Negro 45×45 Patterned Tiles

Pamesa Classic Negro 45×45 Patterned Tiles



Pamesa Classic Negro 45×45 Patterned Tiles

Classic Negro is a black and white patterned tile that is perfect for a small entrance hall. It is a square shape and is quite a small tile. If you need ideas of where to use patterned tiles click here. Using patterned tiles in your room has many benefits. Firstly, they add style or a theme to an area of the home. Next, they can be used to draw attention to a certain area or to add a unique feature to your room. Patterned tiles have gotten more and more popular over the past number of years due to their timeless look.

Classic Negro

There are only 2 different colours of this tile. There is only one size of these tiles also. You can find all the variations available for this product here. They are only available in a matte finish. The tiles are black and white and join together to make a consistent pattern in your room. These tiles can only be used on the floor so would be unsuitable for a feature wall or a backsplash.


If you are unsure of what size tiles to use or how to make the most of your space, check out our blogs for some help:

Tiles may look slightly different on various computer screen resolutions. Please allow a minimum of 10% extra for wastage. Some projects require more wastage due to larger tiles or depending on how tiles are laid out. Variation in shade and size between the batches are due to the manufacturing process and not considered a defect. It is advisable to order enough tiles as the same batch may not be available at a later date. To avoid potential problems, call when you order to get an accurate lead time.

Price on Arrival

Weight 0.0222 kg
Tile Size

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Tile Finish


Composition & Care

Follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance and cleaning.

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    On submission of this form you will be redirected to PayPal for payment of £4.95. This is to cover the postage of the Sample. Note that we won't receive a notification unless payment is made. This will be refunded if you complete an order. Samples are typically 150mm x 150mm, and are to be used as a guide only.


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