SMP Sealed Floor Maintainer

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Sealed Floor Maintainer- 1 litre

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Clean, protect and enhance all sealed floors quickly and easily without streaks or the need to rinse off. No acrylic residues like other household cleaners which dull the appearance of floors. Specialist formulation repairs minor surface scratches and leaves a hygienically clean, fresh smelling floor.

Dilute with 20 parts of clean water or stronger depending on the amount of soiling and then mop or vacuum scrubbing machine to clean floor. Once dry the floor can be buffed to a high shine if desired.

Coverage: 1 litre will clean approximately 300 sq metres.
Vacuum scrubbing machine : approx 50 sq mtrs per litre


Specialist Maintenance Products. Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility.

Composition & Care

Follow safety guidelines


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