SMP Sealed Floor Stripper

Sealed Floor Stripper- 1 litre

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Designed to return ageing tiled floors back to their original state by removing all layers of dirt, acrylic polish, grease, wax, oil, old water based sealant layers that form on the surface over time, breaking them down so as they can be easily removed and collected from the surface. It restores colour and texture and all treated surfaces will look cleaner and brighter ready to be re-sealed with a suitable SMP Product.

Practically odourless and it is safe to use around acid sensitive surfaces such as metal, glass and polished surfaces.

Dilute with equal parts of clean water.

Coverage: 1 litre will restore approximately 30 sq metres.

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Specialist Maintenance Products. Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility.

Composition & Care

Follow safety guidelines


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