Bathroom Design Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make!

Designing a bathroom can be difficult.


Here’s our bathroom mistakes you definitely don’t want to make!


1. Forgetting about ventilation systems


A common (and costly) bathroom mistake to avoid in a new bathroom design is poor ventilation. Worst of all though is not attempting to add any ventilation whatsoever. A quality extractor fan is crucial in the bathroom, regardless of the size of your room. The bathroom is an environment where dampness can settle and wreck your beautiful bathroom furniture. Humidity increases here the more people use this room. Its appearance is also affected by the size, design, and layout of your bathroom.

Alongside keeping your bathroom window open, good ventilation can clear a bathroom swiftly. This will prevent the room from becoming a breeding ground for mould and mildew. Ultimately, when you work to control your bathroom’s humidity levels, you help preserve the life of your bathroom.


2. Not adding in ample storage to your design

Understandably it’s easy to overlook storage solutions and just how much we’ll need further down the line. But, we all need a place to store items in our bathroom, no matter how small this room is or how few of us use the room.
From toothbrushes to toilet rolls, accounting for an array of bathroom storage is highly advisable. This will ensure you keep the room clutter-free and everything has its place. Yet, storage doesn’t have to be boring!
From floor standing, tall and wall-hung units to built in cupboards. There are bathroom furniture choices to help you make the most of every inch of your bathroom design.
Start by considering all the everyday essential items you need and those you want to store in this room. This will help you better understand how much storage your new bathroom will need.
3. Forgetting to add sufficient heating solutions

Another common bathroom mistake is the lack of heating solutions. This not only affects the comfort level but also the performance of this room.
Not surprisingly, heating solutions are often an issue when planning a bathroom during the warmer months. What isn’t accounted for in summer is just how cold Northern Irish bathrooms can become!
Another factor here is anticipating just how much heating is required according to bathroom size. Those smaller-sized bathrooms may well be able to generate enough heat by adding a heated towel rail. We stock a wide selection of Vaporo products and love both their Alta and Siena products.
4. Not thinking enough about layout or details

Many people find that the excitement involved in planning their dream bathroom can take over. Sadly, this often results in a lack of attention to the preparation side of designing. Such reduced focus on detail can also mean many bathroom suites are installed in an incorrect order. The result is little room left to move, stand or sit, or even open doors without obstructions.
But, there is an easy way to remedy this common bathroom problem. Simply consider how you’ll use your bathroom in the future rather than right now? Then, use this as your starting point.
You may be designing around an existing bathroom and the layout already makes sense. If not, be sure to get advice from a member of our team before switching big fixtures and fittings around. This is especially important where basins, toilets, and baths are concerned.


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From the team at Just Tiles N Bathrooms


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