Handy Bathroom Refurb Checklist

Completing a bathroom refurbishment is a bigger job than most realise. It’s not a matter of choosing the products you like and having them installed the next day. However, with our vast experience in the industry, we have been able to put together a convenient list of things to consider, making your project stress free and maybe even enjoyable.


1. The Use of the room

The first thing to think about is “What will the room be used for?”. The majority of houses these days have at least two bathrooms, both serving different purposes. Ironically, the bathroom that you spend the least on will, in most cases, be the one that is used the most. Our view is that there are 4 types of bathroom Refurb:

  • Family Bathroom – Used a lot by the home owner
  • Downstairs Toilet – Used a lot by visitors
  • En-suite – Used daily for simple tasks
  • Guest Bedroom En-suite – Used rarely but an opportunity to impress.
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Deciding which purpose your room has in your house will play an important role in deciding the facilities you require, the level of finish and ultimately the budget required.

2. What have you got?

The next step is to go into your space and quickly note down what you have in the room. Draw a plan view, noting any windows, door ways or other openings. Measure the room and record these in metres (we once had a customer bring her measurements in terms of milk carton lengths!). If known, note the water pressure conditions, as this will have a say on which tap and shower options are available to you. 

Record where the existing pipe work is located, and find your existing hot water supply. This information will be handy for step 3!


3. What do you want?

This part is usually people’s favourite or least favourite part. Some people have a very well defined image of what they want. They have done the research using Pinterest and Instagram, spied through websites, written down what they need and have a budget in mind. It’s important to remember that what you choose must be suitable for a long time period – you will likely have these tiles or vanity unit for 10+ years. If you find something you really want but it isn’t compatible with your room, write it down, there may be ways to make it work. Knowing your measurements, what you can have and what you want will keep the project hassle free for yourself! Don’t confuse yourself. By being decisive you save yourself from becoming obsessed with everything that can go wrong.


4. How do you get what you want?

This part is important. Take the list of products you want to an installation specialist and discuss the work that will be needed. Provisionally book their services, remembering to allow some extra float incase products become out of stock etc. A good tradesman usually has at least a 3 week waiting time, which in itself says a lot about their services, they are busy and so are sought after. Discuss if there is the scope to make changes to the room’s layout or plumbing to see if you can get all the products you wish. Sometimes there may be a better layout or use of space, and a good installer should make you aware of this.


Discuss what material that you will require that you may not have considered. Is the tiler providing adhesive and grout? If not, what type is required? Do you need matting for tiling on timber floors? Does the wall require priming before tiling?

Have your product arrive in good time, and store it in a different room. By doing this you reduce the chance of delays, and ensure that the tiler doesn’t spend the first 2 hours shifting the tiles out of the room that he is supposed to be tiling!

All in all, if planned well a bathroom refurbishment should be a relatively enjoyable process, making your ideas a reality. Having a good tradesman is vital, and by using online reviews or word of mouth, make sure you get the best available.

If you require any assistance in your project please be in touch and we will do everything we can to guide you through the process!

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