Buyers Guide to Baths

Buyer's Guide to Baths

The bath is often the focal point of the bathroom and is used for relaxation, bathing children and even washing pets on some occasions. Whether you are moving into a new house or just updating your current bathroom, choosing a new bath can be a daunting process as there are so many types available. It is important that you choose the right shape, size and style of bath to best suit your needs. In this article we will outline the different types of baths as well as some issues to take into consideration before committing to buying your dream bath.

Straight Baths

Straight baths are baths which fit snug against the wall and which are surrounded by panels or tiles. They are one of the most popular and versatile types of baths, due to their functionality and practicality.

Single or double ended baths

Straight baths come in both single or double ended varieties. Single ended baths have the taps and waste located at one end, whereas in double ended baths they are positioned in the middle of the tub. Therefore, double ended baths give you a little more space in which to lie back and relax. They are also more symmetrical in appearance, which some people may appreciate. Take a look at the Lotus 1700mm Single Ended Acrylic Bath and the Trim 1700mm Acrylic Bath to see which you prefer.


Another positive point for straight baths is that with the simple additions of a shower and screen they can double up as a shower. This gives you the luxury of having both a bath and shower, without taking up any additional valuable space in your room.


L and P- shaped baths

If you would prefer more space for showering, then an L or P-shaped bath could be the answer. These baths are slightly wider at one end to accommodate for showering. The main difference between the L and P types are their shape and aesthetic. L-shaped baths are more angular and modern, whereas P-shaped baths are softer and rounder. You can have a look here L Shape Shower Bath and here P Shape Shower Bath to compare both shapes.

L Shape Shower Bath

Free Standing Baths


Free standing baths are self-supporting and require no bath panels to complete the look. They come in many different contemporary and traditional designs. Some stand on feet whilst others sit directly on the floor. These baths are a real style statement and are therefore more suited to a larger bathroom, where there is space to place the bath in the centre of the room. This allows people to move all around the bath, for ease of access and so you can admire your bath from every angle! If you are opting for a luxurious free-standing bath, be sure to take the size and placement of your bath into consideration. You will also need to think about plumbing and whether to go for floor standing, wall mounted or deck taps (please note that some baths do not accommodate deck taps.)

Roll-top baths

Roll-top baths have curved edges at the top, providing a comfortable bathing experience. They are often traditional in style, bringing a classic charm to your bathroom. Roll-top baths can stand on decorative feet, which add a touch of period elegance, shown here by the Duchess 1750mm Acrylic Freestanding Bath.  There are of course more modern variations of roll-top baths. These are sleeker in design, with less additional decorative features. For example, the Earl 1700mm Acrylic Free standing bath would be a stunning centre piece for a contemporary bathroom.


Slipper baths

Slipper baths also have a rounded design but are higher at one or two ends, depending on if you go for the single or double ended version. This style of bath allows you to lie back comfortably and relax whilst the higher end offers good support for your arms and back. 


Once you have chosen your perfect bath, don’t forget to find the perfect taps to match. Again, personal style will have a big impact here, but try to ensure that the styles of both your bath and taps are well suited to each other. If you have gone for a traditional roll-top bath you might want to pair it with classic, decorative taps such as the Sutton Bath Filler. Or if you have gone for a cool and contemporary bath you could opt for something like the Loftus Bath Filler. Alternatively, for buyers of a free standing bath you may like to pair your statement bath with statement floor standing taps like the Edwardian Free-Standing Bath Shower Mixer.

Water pressure can also play a part, especially when dealing with bath taps, so it is important to check that your water pressure is compatible with your chosen tap.

Final Take!


Buying a new bath is a big investment and so you want to be sure that it is the right choice for your home. Make sure that you have given thought to the points raised so that your bath will be a place of relaxation and comfort. Whatever size or style of bath you decide to go for, make sure you check out our wide range of quality baths. 

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