5 Storage Solutions for Your Bathroom

5 Storage Solutions for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is often a space which has to hold lots of essentials, such as towels, toiletries and toys. If your bathroom looks cluttered, it can make the whole room feel more cramped and it certainly does not create the sense of peace and relaxation which you want to experience when you go for a soak. If your bathroom is looking a little chaotic, read on for a few simple storage ideas that will completely transform your space.

1. Under-Sink Storage

Probably the most commonly utilised form of bathroom storage, the under-sink vanity is a great use of space. Not only does it neatly store your essentials, but it also hides the pedestal and pipes that may otherwise be on display. These vanity units come in a huge range of sizes, colours and patterns so they are incredibly versatile. Gone are the days when white is your only option; recent trends have seen wood-effect, navy and brightly coloured vanity units increase in popularity, such as the Finland Ocean Blue Matt 80cm Wall Hung Vanity Unit. With so many on offer, you can choose how many drawers or shelves you need, to make sure that you get the most effective storage for your bathroom.

2. Mirror Cabinets

As we know, adding a mirror to your bathroom décor is both functional and stylish, and can make a small bathroom appear more airy and bright. Choosing a mirrored cabinet can add more value to your mirror; not only offering a place to touch up your make-up or style your hair but also storing a plethora of toiletries, keeping them out of sight. Have a look at our Otto Plus Grey 42 Mirror Cabinet for a chic, understated look or our Knox 700mm LED Mirror Cabinet which offers the additional feature of LED lighting. 

3. Tall Cupboards

If you have a small bathroom it is a good idea to utilise the vertical space in the room. Wall-hung units appear to float off the floor, which gives the illusion of more floor space. If space is no option then you have the choice between both wall-hung and floor-standing units, depending on your personal taste and the style of the bathroom.  We have a huge range of units available for different styles and price points, from the timeless Kingston 35cm Tall Unit to the more contemporary Crieve Tall Boy Mid Oak.

4. Additional Features

Another clever way of maximising your storage space is to choose multi-purpose pieces of bathroom furniture, such as the Joy Rotating Mirror Unit. This clever space-saving unit combines a sleek mirror on one side with 5 shelves on the other, giving you both style and functionality.  This gives you the option of rotating the unit depending on your mood and needs. Another unit with a difference is this wall-hung Joy Tall Unit, which combines drawers and shelving with an integrated laundry basket- perfect for hiding your washing! If you are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom you could invest in a double basin vanity unit such as the Caledon Indigo Ash 1200mm Wall Hung Vanity Unit which would provide twice the storage space for you and your family!  


5. Towel Storage

If towels lying around the floor is one of your biggest bathroom pet peeves, then investing in a towel rail could be a simple solution. Again, these vary in size and style so you can be sure that there is one to suit you. If you are short on space a classic wall hung option is your best bet, such as the Westbury Double Towel Rail 68cm. If you are after more of a statement piece, there are some really stylish heated towel rails on offer such as the Straight Heated Towel Rail 1200 or for those of you with a more traditional bathroom scheme something like the Traditional Croft Towel Rail would fit in nicely.

Palermo Chrome Towel Rail

Final Take!

As you can see there are so many ways in which you can declutter and organise your bathroom, be it with a vanity unit, mirrored cabinet or even a simple towel rail. Whatever solution you opt for, make sure you check out our excellent range of bathroom furniture!

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