Taking Inspiration from Scandinavian Bathroom Trends

The Scandinavian design trend has taken firm hold here in recent years and shows no signs of waning. The essence of this trend incorporates muted tones, clean lines and minimalist design with a functional yet pared-back layout.  Have a look at how you can create a sense of Scandi “hygge” in your own bathroom, with our top tips. 

Neutral Tones

Scandinavian bathrooms often feature light, neutral colours so think about using whites, greys and pale blues to create a serene oasis. Metro, marble-effect and neutral coloured tiles create a clean, fresh look. Have a look at Calcatta Marble and Metro Blanco Polished Bevel to get a feel for the trend. Using the same tiles all throughout the room, on the walls and floor, creates a seamless transition. If you would like more of a contrast in colours, try adding black accents through your taps, shower screen and accessories.

Patterned Tiles

If the monochrome look isn’t to your taste, you could add some colour and interest to your space through the use of a patterned tile. Again, choose pale, calming colours and patterns that won’t date if you want to stay true to this Nordic trend. We have a huge range of stunning patterned tiles like Hidra Gris 45 x 45 Décor Tiles or Pamesa Art Monet Tiles which are timeless and elegant.

Natural Elements

Scandinavian bathrooms take inspiration from nature. You can achieve this by using natural textures like wood and stone to create focal points in your bathroom. A wood-effect vanity like our Katie Light Wood 80 Vanity Unit adds warmth and balances out the minimalistic white décor, whilst wood-effect tiles like our STN Karval Natural are both stylish and practical.


Wall-hung Furniture

Wall-hung units and toilets are another feature of Scandinavian bathrooms. These units hide any pipes and pedestals, which is in keeping with the clean and clutter-free look. They appear to float off the floor, giving the room a sense of space and airiness. Check out our huge range of wall-hung toilets here.   


Hygge is a Danish word which does not have a single-word English equivalent. It evokes a sense of cosiness and contentment and is often associated with life’s simple pleasures. Therefore, it’s important that your Scandinavian-inspired bathroom is a comfortable space for you. Scented candles, soft rugs, bright towels and some greenery will add personality to your chic, minimalist space.


The concept of hygge also encompasses physical and emotional well-being, and what better way to look after yourself than with a relaxing bath or shower? Free-standing baths often feature in these kinds of bathrooms, as they give the room an airy feel. Spa-like showers and wet rooms are also part of the Scandi-style, as they are the perfect combination of functionality and simplicity. Think frameless screens and rain shower heads to create your own luxurious showering experience.  

Final Take!

As you can see there are so many ways that you can add a touch of Scandinavian elegance to your bathroom, but don’t be overwhelmed. If you don’t want to go for a whole new look, you can pick and choose the elements that you like the best to create a décor that is unique and personal to your taste.

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