Seamless Transition Between Indoor and Outdoor Spaces using Porcelain Tiles!

Seamless Transition Between Indoor and Outdoor Spaces Using Porcelain Tiles!

The flooring of most outdoor patios is constructed using masonry materials, including concrete and stone paver products. It might, however, interest you to know that tiles can also be used for this purpose. On patio and outdoor areas, porcelain is a fantastic option due to its non porous nature. 

A recent advancement in the product ranges of our Spanish and Italian tile manufacturers is the development of the in-out tile collections. These ranges offer stylish indoor flooring options as normal, but the real selling point is the matching outdoor porcelain. 

Tile flooring is a useful trick interior designers use to create the illusion of a larger than usual room. By using the same flooring design for your linked living room and patio areas (in-out tiling), you create a seamless transition from your home interior to your outside area. One application that is very popular with Self Builders throughout the UK and Ireland is the large bi-fold doors opening out from kitchens onto patio areas. With in-out tiling, you can make the flooring transition from indoor to outdoor smooth.

Outdoor Porcelain Pavers

Another option for outdoor spaces is the 20mm porcelain which shares the aesthetic qualities of in-out porcelain but benefits from numerous other advantages making them ideal for these areas.

Cracking and moisture from thawing frost are usually a concern when it comes to outdoor flooring. This was, however, duly considered when designing frost-resistant tiles. Outdoor porcelain tiles are very resistant to the damaging effects of frost, yet, very stylish. It is a myth and a very erroneous suggestion that outdoor flooring has to look rock solid and functional with no room for style. You can make your outdoor space very elegant using tiles of different colours, hues, and patterns. These stylish tiles can be used to give your patio or outdoor space a contemporary, modern, classic, or rustic finish.

With the loads of tile products rolled out into the market every week, it has become easy to fall prey to fake products with huge promises. When it comes to porcelain tiles, you should deal with only reputable companies. Making a wrong tile selection can cost you more in maintenance and replacement. However, our products will be saving you these problems. Here are some of the reasons why you should fall in love with porcelain.

Colorfast and easy to maintain

Many products promise 100% colorfast. However, only a few of them live up to the billing. Ours feature prominently in an exclusive list of products that do not change color after decades of exposure to UV rays. Our tile products also do not change color when wet.

Our 20mm porcelain tiles are also effortless to maintain. They can be cleaned easily and are incredibly resistant to scratching.

Low porosity and stain resistant

In-Out Porcelain Tiles

Our porcelain is also resistant to stains from green algae. This is in stark contrast to paved or interlocking stones. These flooring options are highly porous and usually require sealing to prevent the absorption of water and its resultant discoloration. Not all-natural stone flooring options are resistant to staining or moisture. Our tile products, however, do differently. Outdoor porcelain from Just Tiles NI are also oil resistant, making them perfect for BBQ areas where things can get messy!

Easy to lay - Perfect for Self Builders

This is one huge perk often overlooked by homeowners. Most natural stones are difficult to lay. Hence, they can’t be used for all outdoor spaces e.g., balconies and terraces. Tiles, especially ours designed as per the highest standards, are pretty easy to install. This makes them an excellent choice for balconies, roof terraces, and outdoor patios. Our installation method for both outdoor and indoor tiles makes for smooth installation with a perfect finish that screams finesse and elegance. It’s also useful to note that they do not require sealing.


Our tiles are solid and hard-wearing. This is especially true for our 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles. They are very resistant to wear from carloads and other heavy loads. In addition to being resistant to scratch, they can last decades without cracking and hence, no need for a replacement.

The 20mm porcelain is so strong that, when bedded in concrete, can take the axial loading of vehicles over it’s surface, meaning they are ideal for driveways.

Slip Resistant

We would all love to be able to ignore this selling point, but unfortunately, the weather God’s of the UK and Ireland mean it is probably the most important. Patio areas, by their very nature are outdoor and are susceptible to becoming incredibly wet and slippery. If you choose the wrong flooring for this space it can have a detrimental effect on the usefulness of your outdoor space. Luckily, our tile manufacturers have considered this when developing our 20mm porcelain ranges. Our outdoor tiles are slip resistant, this makes them incredibly useful for garden path areas as well as terraces! The in-out ranges, give a smooth surface finish which becomes anti-slip when exposed to water – no more of the bumpy anti-slip look!


In conclusion, it is easy to see that outdoor porcelain tiles are a trend that will be with us very much for the long term. If you would like to find out more about our ranges feel free to Contact Us and we can talk you through our ranges and the benefits. So make sure when you are designing your new build, or considering your extension out into the garden, that you remember the incredible mechanical and aesthetic benefits of porcelain tiles!

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