Make a Statement with a Feature Wall

Make a Statement with a Feature Wall

Tiles have long been a common feature in homes. However, their use has been limited to spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. These days, interior designers and planners have adopted tiles for adding colour and ambiance to spaces. People have begun to extend their use from mere floor coverings to use on walls and splashbacks. This trend change is not unconnected to the fact that tiles have also seen a simultaneous evolution in shapes, sizes, and patterns.

Tiles have moved from the conventional bland designs of the ’90s to more beautiful textures and patterns. Tiles are a versatile, functional material that can be used to bring out the beauty in surfaces. One such decorative use is feature walls.

Whether it is to draw attention to a less-obvious feature in your sitting room or to highlight your electric fireplace, feature walls do the trick well. If you are confused about what a feature wall is, read further.

A feature wall is essentially a wall or section of a wall in a room that wears a distinct design from all others. In general, the most obvious wall in a room is used as the feature wall. Take, for example, in a sitting room. The wall facing the sitting furniture faces will usually be preferred for this purpose. Having described what a feature wall is, let us take a look at various possible feature wall adaptations possible using tiles.

Feature Walls with Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles

Feature walls bring about the creativity in you, and ceramic or porcelain feature wall tiles will do no differently. Depending on what tile you choose, you can create a subtle feature wall that highlights your sense of texture and patterns or a ‘louder’ one that shows a lot of shade variations. With porcelain tiles, there’s practically no design you can’t achieve.


Feature Walls with Wood Effect Tiles

The wood tile looks never disappoints anywhere it is used. The shades of brown would leave your visitors drooling. Wood colours like those of cedar or oak are particularly intriguing. They enhance the aesthetic value of your room or office.


Feature Walls with Brick Effect Tiles

The brick pattern is a rather common one. However, creative ones will always catch the eye of your visitors. Brick-like colours can add a bit of colour and texture to your space.

The perfect balance between complementary and contrasting colours will add warmth and depth to your room.


There seems to be a lot of magic you can create around every feature wall tile adaptation mentioned above. Sadly, your feature wall will fail to create the style statement you dearly crave if you do not make the right consideration. Making the following considerations would effectively help you break down the monotony and add character to your home or office space.

Bold or Subtle?

Before making your feature wall using tiles, decide what works for you – subtle patterns or bold tile design. Geometric patterned tiles with anti-fade properties provide an enhanced and modern look for your interior space. Though subtle, they take attention away from the imperfections and flaws in your room. We sell a wide range of interesting pattern tiles with highlights of wood shades, polygon shapes, and paint colour tiles. A recommended option for a TV area, for example, is the Pamesa Art Signac tile. This tile uses contrasting colours of grey and white to complement colours from your TV. Another is Hexatile. The hexagonal-shaped tile has different shades of subtle colours that make your room irresistible.

Bold designs are also a solid alternative. However, you should ensure that the colour choice isn’t chaotic. It should blend with the overall colour scheme of your room.

Glossy or Matte Tiles?

These are great options if you want to create an illusion of a large space. The glossy option is particularly stylish and ideal for home space like a dining room and bathrooms. As a plus, they are very easy to maintain or clean as dirt or oil-based stains can be easily cleaned off in one wipe. 

Matte tiles, unlike their glossy counterparts, do not create that illusion of a large space. They, however, have their unique advantages. They are suitable for a bathroom since they don’t show dried droplets. Although it’s established that glossy tiles are easy to clean, matt tiles are even easier.


Feature walls, without a doubt, make eye-popping statements wherever they are used. Tiles are arguably the best option for feature walls. This is because they are easy to clean, long-lasting, anti-static, and fade-resistant. Although these characteristics are supposed to be general, many tile products in the market today are missing out on a number of them. Products from Just Tiles NI, however, beg to be different. Our experience in the industry is reflected in the products we choose to offer.

Whether you need a standard style that whispers simplicity and elegance or a bespoke design that screams class, we’ve got you covered. Asides being stylish, our products are also quite budget-friendly. A solid example is our paint colour décor tiles. These tiles incorporate shape variations, flower decorations, and enveloping shades to bring out the class in your space. There are also retro-style variations that are particularly eye-catching. Perhaps, most importantly, they are affordable and durable.

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